(Written for Laravel version 4)

Restfull deleting in Laravel can make newcomers to RESTful APIs scratch their head a bit. I know, cause I'm one of them. We're used to just have a simple link pointing to a certain URI where the magic happens, but how do we set the HTTP verb if we're not submitting any forms?

Well, Jeffrey Way created a nice javascript that creates a form for you and to use it you only need to add data-method="delete" to your delete links. Smooth and clean, as always, but no CSRF handling unless you include the javascript directly in your views with a <script> tag. Zizaco, creator of Confide and Entrust also has a solution, but also - no CSRF handling. My try is a quick'n'dirty fix, which is not nearly as elegant as theirs, but it does have that CSRF token we all need.

Keeping it as simple as it can get, we'll create a macro. If you don't have one already, create the file /app/macros.php:

| Delete form macro
| This macro creates a form with only a submit button. 
| We'll use it to generate forms that will post to a certain url with the DELETE method,
| following REST principles.
Form::macro('delete',function($url, $button_label='Delete',$form_parameters = array(),$button_options=array()){

        $form_parameters = array(
            'class' =>'delete-form',
            'url'   =>$url
        $form_parameters['url'] = $url;
        $form_parameters['method'] = 'DELETE';

	return Form::open($form_parameters)
			. Form::submit($button_label, $button_options)
			. Form::close();

And than load it in /app/start/global.php like so:

require app_path().'/macros.php';

In your blade templates you generate the link like this:

{{Form::delete('resource/'. $resource->id, 'Delete')}}

Simple enough, right? You can comlicate it a bit adding more parameters for more control.

{{Form::delete('resource/'. $resource->id, 
				array('id'=>'the_form_id','class' => 'the-delete-form'),

Not that sleek, but functional.

And in the end let's ask the user if he really really wants to delete the resource:

$(document).on('submit', '.delete-form', function(){
	return confirm('Are you sure?');

That's what I got. Here's the gist, please feel free to fork it and let me know how we can make it better.